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Bryan Birks

Lead videographer, photographer, and editor. Shoots film with a wooden camera and likes a stiff Old Fashioned. 

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Josh Friedrich

Singer and songwriter. Can play a mean guitar. Enjoys Wes Anderson and Paul Thomas Anderson films. Also, films not made by directors named Anderson. 

About Us

We've been doing this since 2015. We don't carry a ton of equipment and simply sit back and let the authentic moments happen.

If there's one thing we want you to know, it's that everyone can have lovely film and photos of anything they want. 

A family of three. A wedding of two. A portrait of one. Anything. 


There's an incredible amount of passion and expertise that goes into our work but that doesn't mean that it has to be experienced by a select few. If you're here and reading about us, we want to capture whatever it is you want. 

We will go anywhere the story takes us. So reach out and lets see if we can create something beautiful together. 


With love, Kashmir