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In his spare time, Bryan likes to photograph people with a wooden camera and tackle editorial commissions for the New York Times.


Josh likes to watch movies, play guitar, and daydream of being in a film directed by Wes Anderson.


We don't carry a ton of equipment and simply sit back and let the authentic moments happen. There's an incredible amount of passion and expertise that goes into our work, but that doesn't mean that it has to be experienced by a select few. If you're here and reading about us, we want to capture your wedding day. 


We will go anywhere the story takes us (we've been to Cancun, Destin, Denver, and even Jackson, Mississippi). So reach out and let's see if we can create something beautiful together. 




"Highly recommend booking Kashmir. I have been following them for a few years and have always said they would be my "must-have" vendor. Their films are unlike any other that I have seen."


"There are good videos, and then there are works of art that take your breath away. These guys are artists, and I am beyond grateful they caught all of the spectacular moments."


"By far the best investment of our entire wedding. If you are reading this, do it. I know it may sound like an investment, but it will be the best one you make!"


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