5 Missouri Photographers We Love

Updated: Nov 28, 2017

We're very picky when it comes to recommending photographers but we have worked with enough people now and seen enough work that we think we can give a quick, simple list.

1. Jerry Wang Photography (Lawrence, Kansas)

We've worked with Jerry countless times and not only is he a stand up guy but his work is breathtaking. He'll also travel anywhere.


2. Lennox & Jude (Southeast Missouri)

Only worked with her once but absolutely love her moody look. Pairs well with what we serve.


3. Heirloom Photo Company (Kansas City, Missouri)

Similar style to us. Sit back and let the moments happen.


4. Wood and Graine (St. Louis, Missouri)

It's whats in these days. Hoping to work with them soon. They're Instagram is lovely.


5. Vein and Vessel (St. Louis, Missouri)

The work speaks for itself.


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