A Letter to Future Newlyweds

Updated: Apr 11, 2018

Dear Future Newlyweds,

I want to congratulate you first and foremost. You are about to embark on a journey that is admirable as well as strikingly scary. Admirable in the sense that you’re doing something that takes a lot of time and effort to cultivate. Love is a very tricky thing and I sincerely am in awe of anyone that finds a person to spend the rest of their life with.

“Rest of your life” is the scary part. One person greeting you every day when you come home. One person sitting across the table while you eat dinner. That is until a little one comes along (dog or human).

In this life people are always out to capture the ups, ups, and ups. The highlights if you will. The things that make up maybe five percent of your life. The vacations, the concerts, the ballgames. These are really odd occasions in the grand scheme of things.

I like to think of a wedding as a complete life. The big moments are very small in the whole picture of the day. The speeches for example, take maybe five to ten minutes. That’s less than one percent of a whole day. The ceremony is why everyone’s there. The moment you pledge your love. Maybe it takes an hour. That’s four percent.

Now, this where things come into perspective. The moments that you will undoubtedly remember are the moments that take up so little of the day. The ceremony, the speeches, the first kiss. That one or two second kiss. The moments that you may miss happen all throughout the day. Little things that add up. Just like in normal everyday life. Whenever your future husband walks though the door and greets you after taking care of the baby all day, those few minutes, over the course of lifetime, add up. Small talk over the dinner table everyday, for the next fifty years, is a lot of your life. Far more than a vacation or a baseball game.

How many pictures or videos are you going to have of your husband greeting you or eating dinner at the table? Probably very few. You will, though, have an album of that one concert on a Friday night in July.

The point of this rambling is your wedding day is a lifetime. The album moments will be remembered but it’s a small percentage of what really matters. Things like:

Grandpa tying the shoelaces of the ring bearer.

The flower girl falling while walking down the aisle but brushing her self off with a smile. Hearing the voice of your grandmother. She’s talking about old flowers again.

Seeing your nephew as a young man before he grows into a giant.

Looking at your parents right before they see you in your dashing attire the first time. They’re hiding behind the wall gossiping like parents do. They turn around and your mom can’t keep it together and her make up runs down her face but she doesn’t care.

These moments are the ones you’re going to want to remember. The tiny ones. The ones that would get thrown out if you had to pick one moment from the day to sum up. The thing is you can’t sum up a lifetime in one photo. You can’t sum up a wedding with one photo either. It’s a culmination of photos.

24 a second to be exact.

Wishing you the best in your journey through life,


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