James & Alex // Mildale Farm // Edgerton, Kansas

There's a million words that one can think of to describe a wedding: beautiful, classy, elegant, etc. These words all mean roughly the same thing but that doesn't make them any less impactful. When you've done over 75 weddings the themes and events of all of them run closely together and get lost in a haze of flowers, speeches, and quotes like, "what do I do with my hands?" But that doesn't mean that none of it matters to us. Yes, we will show up wearing the usual attire. We will film the bride getting her make up done. We'll make our way to the snack table and devour a couple crackers. All these things happen. Every time. Without fail.

What keeps us going and what makes every wedding unique is that no two people are the same. No matter how many strands of DNA they share or how many times they've went on dates or stayed up late talking about life. Each person has a different light radiating from them when the camera is rolling. That's the beauty of not only weddings but life in general.

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